The Cuyahoga River in Kent, OH, pictured here, was declared dead by the EPA in the 1980’s.
It is fully alive and clean today, thanks to the efforts of many.

Essential Oils

Facilitate healing. Improve your life.

Compound Calm-Herbal Supplement

Anxiety and Panic relief

Go Away, Cramps

Relieving Blend

Lower Abdomen Roll-on
Clary Sage, Geranium, and Blue Chamomile in Apricot Kernal oil

10 ml roller bottle


Fire on Water


What a powerful healer and ritual leader Holly is. Her brand of urban shamanism creates access points for all to benefit from nature-based, intuitive ways of knowing. I always come away feeling fully grounded and present in my life after a session with her.

Mary Ellen

Mary Ellen

Holly grounded me into a deeper place.... I grew more still and present to the sorrow I felt. I am grateful to Holly for her open-hearted connection to nature and her shamanic gifts which all contributed to an amazing, transformative experience.



Holly is deeply attuned to the Earth's vibrational power. Holly wisely listens, and shares her knowledge and insights. After she worked her magic with me, I was balanced, more peaceful and clear about the direction of my life