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  • Essential Oils

    Calming Blend

    Soothe Mind, Body, Spirit

    Frankincense, Rose, Geranium and Juniper essential oils in Apricot Kernel essential oil

    10 ml roller ball bottle

  • Essential Oils

    Go Away, Cramps

    Relieving Blend

    Lower Abdomen Roll-on
    Clary Sage, Geranium, and Blue Chamomile in Apricot Kernal oil

    10 ml roller bottle

  • Essential Oils

    Mind Your Temple

    Muscle Balm

    Lavender, Birch, Thyme & Laurel essential oils in
    Castor and Apricot Kernel oil

    1 oz. dropper bottle

  • Essential Oils

    Skin & Hair Magic

    Renewing Blend

    Neem, Lavender, Frankincense, and Carrot
    essential oils in Apricot Kernel oil

    1oz. dropper bottle

  • Essential Oils

    Shift the Energy

    Energy Clearing

    Tulsi, Palo Santo and Gingergrass essential oil spray

    2 oz. spray bottle

  • Essential Oils

    Clear the Air

    Air Freshening Spray

    Clary Sage and Lemongrass essential oil

    2 oz. spray bottle

  • Essential Oils

    Shake My Hand

    Hand Sanitizer & Antiviral, Antifungal and Antimicrobial

    Orange, Clove, Tea Tree and Niaouli essential oil spray

    2.7 oz. spray bottle

  • Essential Oils

    Custom Blend

    Includes consultation and shipping

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