Holly grounded me into a deeper place. I grew more still and present to the sorrow I felt. I am grateful to Holly for her open-hearted connection to nature and her shamanic gifts, which all contributed to an amazing, transformative experience.
Mary Ellen
Holly is deeply attuned to the Earth's vibrational power. She wisely listens and shares her knowledge ad insights. after she worked her "magic" with me, I was balanced, more peaceful, and clear about the direction of my life.
I really enjoyed my session with Holly! She was so warm, inviting, and patient with me. She made me feel like I was in very good hands. First she helped to wipe away the excess negative energy that I was holding in my body and then filled it up with good positive energy through Reiki. Holly genuinely listens to you and responds with so much grace and compassion. I would highly recommend her for all of your healing needs. She’s a gift.
I started with Holly with clearing energy of the house, and each time there is a shift of energy, blessings and openings. Holly is generous and very-well educated in herbal treatment and integrates her wisdom in practice. Working with Holly helps to break old patterns, receive support, guidance, and it is also fun!
Even healers need healing. I thoroughly enjoyed my long-distance healing session with Holly. I was able to relax and Holly was able to pinpoint the areas I was having difficulties in and clear my blockages. I felt much lighter after my session. Holly is an excellent listener. She gave wonderful feedback throughout the process. I highly recommend her services. She makes incredible tinctures as well.
I always feel I move forward in my mental, physical and spiritual health after her treatments and gatherings. Fantastic space, great location, fabulous energy. Highly recommended!
Holly is a caring and gifted practitioner. I've had several healing sessions with her that were deeply moving and insightful and have helped me get through some challenging issues. Reiki is an amazing healing modality and Holly's shamanic practice increases those energies - you can feel this during a session and afterward. Beneficial to both the spiritual heart and the psyche.