River Woman Ministries offers services of support for you to move intentionally and powerfully through life’s messiness; through the celebrations, the heartaches, the dark nights of the soul, and the sometimes luminous, often confounding passages we humans encounter along the way.

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Ritual fireRitual

Inviting, Invoking, Honoring Life’s Passages.

Full Moon, Equinox, and Solstice rituals; House Clearings and Blessings, Baby Blessings, Weddings, Commitments, Uncouplings, Celebrations of Life and Death for our Human and Non-Human Beloveds. There’s nothing we do that doesn’t benefit from a good Ritual.

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The StudioHealing

Relaxation. Grounding. Balance.

Healing sessions are approximately 90 minutes and begin with talk to assess what’s needed. Rev. Holly then will use Energy Medicine, facilitated by shamanic tools including rocks, bones, feathers, sound, botanicals and more. At the end of sessions, clients report feeling lighter, freer, and having more clarity around on how to move forward.

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I believe that regular spiritual practice and energy work help us move through all of life’s trials more smoothly.

I am committed to my own health and growth, including taking classes and learning new holistic modalities. In deepening my understanding of myself, I seek to better serve my clients and the planet.

I offer Shamanic Reiki sessions at my Healing                                                        Studio in Roslindale.

I offer Space Clearings at your home or office. If you’ve ever had a roommate or co worker leave physically but not energetically, you understand. Clearing your space can make a dramatic difference in how you feel.

I am especially called to create rituals to help move through grief not commonly addressed in our culture. Miscarriages, end of a relationship, loss of a job or other difficult life transitions. For our beloved fur babies, I offer rituals to help with their passing and to celebrate their lives.

As I  continue to Flow through life in service, I’m available to you.  I don’t have “regular” office  hours, I work when needed by my clients. 

I see clients at my Healing Studio at 20 Belgrade Ave in Roslindale. ( It’s up a flight of stairs.)  I also see clients in their homes and places in nature. Text me at 330-842-1350 or email at revholly25@gmail.com to schedule.We’ll find a time that works for both of us. 


Rev. Holly